Protect Your Vehicle’s Interior

Get window tint installations for your car in Greenville & Farmville, NC

When you spend a lot of time driving, you tend to notice when you’re sitting in direct sunlight. You also notice the sun’s effect when you grip a hot steering wheel on a summer day. Automotive window tinting lowers the interior temperature of your vehicle. It provides many benefits, including:
Cooling down your seats and steering wheel
Providing privacy
Protecting you and your car’s fabric from UV rays
It also enhances the exterior appearance of your vehicle. Call 252-353-9945 today to learn more about car window tinting from Ultimate Graphics & Tint in Greenville, NC.

Our auto window tinting stays within the law

According to North Carolina law, windows may not be any darker than 35 percent visible light transmission. Ultimate Graphics & Tint offers a variety of percentages to suit your needs. We focus on smooth, long-lasting installations using premium Llumar Window Films such as:

Visit Ultimate Graphics & Tint to discuss the options we offer for automotive window tinting.

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